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Online marketing is facing new challenges. Digitalization & AI lead to more transparency, accelerate & consolidate markets and increase complexity. Take advantage of the opportunities that arise!

As a Google Premier Online Marketing Agency based in Germany in North & South (Hamburg & Stuttgart), we are experts who analyze and work based on the latest data. Working with you, we develop theses for personas & customer journeys. We additionally come up with an appropriate marketing strategy, figure out channels, messages and budgets. The basis of our strength in performance marketing is our in-house developed PPC management software ProAdly.

Increased Sales.

Using efficient Performance Marketing, we increase your
revenue & profitability. This is made possible by our self-developed PPC Management SoftwareProAdly. On this basis, we develop successful Google Adwords, Display, Programmatic Advertising and Facebook Ad marketing campaigns. This way we reach your potential customers at the right place at the right time.

More Customers

Using inbound marketing , you will be found by your target group – exactly when the user needs your solution for a problem. Therefore, we analyze target groups, their customer journeys & develop successful strategies for content marketing, SEO & landing pages as well as product consultants. As a result, we achieve a high ROI and sustainably generate trust within your target group.

Online Marketing Solutions

Reach Customers, Convince Them & Turn Them Into Fans –
Start Your RACE

How do you reach your target group at the right time using the right message?
As you are faced with this increasingly complex challenge, you will need individual solutions. For this purpose, it is essential to understand your target group and to address them in a purposeful manner. Only a message that matches time, channel and phase of the customer journey will acheive its desired effect. The RACE model provides the basis for this.

Using the RACE model, we analyze your target group & customer journey and select the right messages & channels for you. This is how we contact your customers (Reach), convince them to make a purchase decision (Act), turn you into customers (Convert) and establish a long-term relationship (Engage). Depending on your goal, we work on your awareness and your turnover – always data-driven based on KPIs.

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Enthusiastic Customers

… speak for themselves.

Since Lemundo, we have gained absolute top customers.
No idea how they do it.

Stefan Glunk, Wedeko GmbH

Always very professional and at the ravages of time! Optimal advice and implementation of “visions” are the order of the day here!

Carsten Steinberg, Enduro Store

Lemundo is the perfect partner for us to achieve our eCommerce goals. Creative ideas and solutions in the areas of online marketing and eCommerce are the order of the day – we no longer want to miss Lemundo as an agency.

Stefanie Josewski, Starlab

We got to know Lemundo as a very competent partner in terms of online marketing. Pleasant and competent advice. The team is always there for us. The project is strategically led to success. Everything runs “Lemundo” here!

Ronald Mense, Suhl

Our Industry Experience

Manufacturers in the B2B sector
(Pharma & Medicine, Production, Suppliers, Tools, Safety, Services)

Manufacturers in the B2C sector
(Beauty, luxury goods, capital goods)

Dealers in the B2C sector
(Beauty, Luxury, High-Involvement, Capital Goods, Furniture & Decoration, DIY & Construction, Tools)

A Variety of Our Interesting B2B & B2C Customers

We focus on the two most important tools in the online marketing mix – search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (especially Google Adwords, SEA / SEM). Thanks to years of international experience and consistent specialization, we can deliver the best results and have a long track record of successful projects. These include online shops as well as websites. As a Google Premium Partner Online Marketing Agency with a focus on SEO and SEA / SEM, we have set ourselves the goal to develop and implement customized online marketing concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both the B2C as well as B2B sectors and to create measurable, targeted added value.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Benefit from our years of SEO experience as we have successfully supported numerous online store projects as well as websites. Additionally, we generate significant success for your store or website. In order to achieve your SEO goals, careful design is necessary from the very beginning. Therefore, we offer a structured, targeted and long-term oriented approach:

  1. Analysis of status quo
  2. SEO conception (goals, competition, sales potentials, contribution margins, conclusions, concept)
  3. SEO Actions: On-page optimization (optimization of your own website/shop)
  4. SEO Actions: Off-page optimization (building backlinks to your website/shop

Would you like to know how your website or store is currently positioned and what potential improvement we can offer you for your SEO actions? Then apply now for our free and non-binding SEO Check!

SEA / SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Nowadays, effective search engine marketing is a prerequisite for the success of every website and every online shop. Together with our customers, we have been successfully operating online shops for years. Based on the goals that we developed together, we successfully manage the shops and in particular the shop search engine marketing independently. Benefit from our wealth of experience and know-how.

We are happy to analyze the status quo of your search engine marketing with you. Additionally, we point out optimization possibilities and develop suggestions for improvement. As a specialist for Google Adwords , we also offer you the opportunity to completely outsource your SEM to us and let us lead you to success. With continuous analyses and reports, we ensure transparency with regard to the success of SEM measures at all times. Our basics of successful search engine marketing:

  • Analysis of status quo and definition of targets
  • Setup and expansion
  • Verification of Success
  • Optimization of SEM actions

Performance-Marketing (SEA/SEM, Affiliate-Marketing, E-Mail-Marketing)

Performance means to us that your online marketing is, from day one, geared towards achieving your goals. We look forward to helping you achieve online marketing success using our service portfolio that focusses on the areas of search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing and e-mail marketing. As an experienced online marketing agency partner we stand by your side in the long term.

In doing so, we think and act in an integrated, international and sustainable way, which creates synergies and enables us to access further potential in the long term. First, we carefully analyze the need for action and then develop a tailor-made online marketing concept considering the given goals. At the same time, if necessary, an extensive web analysis is set up, landing pages & usability optimization, as well as conversion and checkout optimizations are carried out.

We see ourselves as a system provider that competently covers the main areas of online marketing. The aim of our service is always to build up a long-term customer relationship based on partnership with a sustainable concept and a successful, as well as transparent implementation.

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Your online marketing agency for Hamburg & Stuttgart

As an online marketing agency in Hamburg & Stuttgart, we specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEA / SEM). With our many years of experience, we support customers from the areas of B2C online shops, B2C websites, as well as B2B websites. From conception to web design to implementation, we offer multiple services from a single source. If you are looking for an experienced online marketing agency in the Hamburg region – contact us free of charge and without obligation!

Areas that we applied our online marketing expertise to in previous customer projects:

  • B2C Shops & B2C Websites
  • B2B Shops & B2B Websites

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