Adobe Commerce (Cloud) Platform

adobe experience cloudCreate unique digital user experiences – this is our and Adobe’s vision.
We bring this vision to life using a holistic, user-centric approach as well as the leading B2B & D2C e-commerce platform, Adobe Commerce.
Lemundo is a proud Adobe Solution Partner in Hamburg & Stuttgart.

Adobe Solution Partner Agency Germany, Hamburg, Stuttgart

Adobe Commerce Cloud Platform Components

User Experience Done Right – Adobe Commerce

The core of our work at Lemundo as well as Adobe Commerce is creating User Experience. In particular, the following features enable extraordinary services here:

  • PWA option and headless architecture
  • Page Builder CMS with Content Staging & Preview
  • Segmentation (user groups)
  • AI Recommendations by Adobe Sensei
  • B2B Feature Set
  • Loyalty program, subscriptions and more
Adobe Experience Cloud – User Experience Software
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World’s Leading E-commerce Platform

Adobe Commerce is the world’s leading enterprise e-commerce platform –additionally proven by itsLeader position in the Forrester Wave for B2B Commerce Suites & B2C Commerce.
Especially since the acquisition of Magento by Adobe in 2018, the Magento online shop system has rapidly transformed into a flexible & leading B2B e-commerce platform. Forrester particularly focusses on the following strengths:

  • Adobe Commerce Platform leads in flexibility and global ecosystem
  • Using the PWA Studio, Adobe Commerce offers a good, efficient option to benefit from PWA web technologies in e-commerce.
  • Adobe Commerce achieves absolute top scores in the areas of…
    Personalization (5 out of 5) – top score
    Product Vision & Roadmap (5 out of 5)
    Delivery & extensibility of the ecosystem (5 out of 5)
    Sales & Marketing Support (5 out of 5) – top score
    Commerce Management (4.3 out of 5) – top score
Adobe Commerce Leader Forrester B2B
Adobe Commerce Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Digital Commerce

Adobe Commerce was additionally declared Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant  for Digital Commerce.

Special strengths of Adobe Commerce, according to Garnter:

  • global positioning: international customer base in B2B and B2C with different business models, large partner network,
  • Commerce’s Range of Fuctions: enormous range of functions with countless features and a giant module marketplace for extension. Additionally, we offer an exceptional, integrated CMS in form of the Page Builder.
  • Adobe ecosystem: especially useful for complex B2C scenarios, such as the ability to connect with Adobe Experience Manager, the market-leading digital experience platform (DXP)

Advantages of Adobe Commerce

Using great out-of-box features as well as intelligent personalization capabilities and processes, Adobe Commerce allows us to create unique and engaging user experiences for the customer journey! Adobe Commerce enables this through a myriad of out-of-the-box features built into the system, incredible platform flexibility as well as unlimited customization options, a flexible and future-proof headless architecture, unmatched internationality, and seamless third-party integrations. Adobe Commerce also offers many specialized functionalities to map specific processes, and great segmentation as well as personalization capabilities for B2B & D2C companies. Therefore, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Shop System) offers, in addition to the platform, the largest developer community that has grown over 10 years, a large global partner system for implementation and continued operation, and a huge marketplace for extensions with thousands of useful additional features.

3 Lemundo Reasons for the Adobe Commerce Platform

digital user experience adobe

Comparison Adobe Commerce vs. Adobe Open Source

  • better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Time to market / Speed

  • Immensefeature set esp. in B2B

  • Flexibility (Headless)

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Differences Between Adobe Commerce & Magento CE / OS?

You want to know what the differences between Adobe Commerce and Magento Community Edition are and whether the Commerce Edition is worth for you?

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And Adobe Commerce offers even more in the future – since it is a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, the value of the platform increases even further with the possibilities of integrating other useful Adobe services. In addition to commerce, the Experience Cloud also includes integrated platforms for analysis, marketing, content creation and content management.

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